Monday, January 20, 2014

We still need a Baltimore Non Profit to make our monthly free booth donation to!

Each month we donate a free photo booth to a Baltimore area non profit that is doing good work to better our city and help our residents.  In the past we have donated to Back on My Feet Baltimore, Playworks Maryland and The National Aquarium in Baltimores conservation department.  But it's almost the end of January and we haven't donated a booth yet!  

The weather is icky and I think everyone is still worn out from the holidays, so we are deferring this months booth to be used at a later date.  But we need your help selecting a great, worthy, wonderful non profit to reach out to.  

The booth can be added to an already planned event such as a bash or happy hour, or it can be used to springboard planning a new fundraising event.  Heck, we don't even mind if it's auctioned off to the highest donation!  

The selected charity will receive an in-kind donation of a 3-4 hour open concept digital booth, a custom digital border that incorporates their info,unlimited shares of photos by guests, real time uploads to the organizations social media sites as they are taken, all images on a memory card at the end of the event and other perks. 

If you know if a charity that would benefit from the addition of a booth at one of their events, please reach out to us by email, FB or twitter.  We are open to all ideas big and small!

For more info about Baltimore Photo Social, please visit us here or here