Monday, March 17, 2014

Sunday Social Photo Tour-March 9 2014

Last Sunday, March 9th, was a brisk and sunny day which provided some challenges for the attendees of our Sunday Social Photo Tour.  Sunny days, although glorious, can be difficult for beginners to shoot in. Shadows and taking photos that are "Blown Out" are common. 
After going over the basics of the exposure triangle, and making sure attendees knew how to change their shooting mode, focus spots and ISO, we were on our way walking around Fed Hill. 

Our first stop was right outside our meeting spot, Little Havana, was he site of the former Globe Brewing. Now, just a fenced off concrete slab, it was a great subject to practice focusing and shooting wide open. 
Focus on background

Focus on foreground

Right next door, Harborview Marina provided a great location to shoot landscapes with wide depth of field. 

While at Harborview, I explained the principles behind capturing motion in photographs.  Whether it's the waves in the bay or a person walking, attendees switched to shutter priority to practice.

 After a bit, we moved to Riverside park, which had tons of opportunities for silhouettes and dogs!

After walking about a mile it was time for a break, so we stopped at Don't Know Tavern on Charles Street for some food and to warm up.  On our laptop we reviewed attendees photos, making notes of things to work on during the second half of the tour. 

 After about an hour, we left to make our way to the top of the hill, and stopped at the AVAM along the way. There are so many beautiful things to photograph there!

After a trek to the top of Federal Hill, we arrived in time for the sun to start going down (the best time to shoot outside, second only to sunrise!)

Attendee Submitted Photos:
Photo by Kristin Lemieux

 Photo by Kristin Lemieux

Photo by Kristin Lemieux

Photo by Kristin Lemieux

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